Dining Plan Enhancements Coming in Fall 2021

As we prepare for fall semester 2021, our Culinary Services (CS) team is excited to share planned enhancements to create a more seamless experience. In addition to incorporating new locations, we are building upon the popular options we introduced in the past year.

More information is available below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 517-884-0660 or info@eatatstate.com. You can also follow us @EatAtState on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Send us a direct message to ask questions, or engage with content to learn more as we approach fall semester.

On-campus Dining Plans

  • Students living on campus will continue to choose from three dining plan options: DineOn Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • Beginning in fall semester 2021, all three on-campus dining plans will include 12 Combo-X-Change redemptions per week and there will no longer be a daily limit. Students can use them any time during the week, Sunday through Saturday. This is an increase from the six Combo-X-Change redemptions provided in recent years.
  • Although there is no daily limit, please note there is a short 15-minute delay between CX transactions.
  • On-campus dining plans also include mobile ordering, which will be a Combo-X-Change redemption. Orders can be placed in advance for pickup through our Transact Mobile Ordering app.

Off-campus Dining Plans

  • The off-campus dining plan rate will remain the same for 2021-22 at $7.75 per meal.
  • Off-campus students can also purchase the unlimited Silver, Gold or Platinum dining plan to have mobile ordering included.
  • As a reminder, off-campus meals can be used as a Combo-X-Change; however, please note mobile ordering is not included unless you have a Silver, Gold or Platinum dining plan.

Combo-X-Change logoCombo-X-Change

  • Our on-campus foodservice partners will offer Combo-X-Change options beginning in fall 2021, providing more variety for dining plan holders. This includes the following:
    • Panera Bread at Minskoff Pavilion
    • FujiSan sushi, Woody’s Oasis, Panda Express and Subway at the International Center food court
    • Biggby coffee at MSU Union
  • Other locations accepting Combo-X-Change will include Sparty’s mini-markets, Sparty’s Market, The Workshop at the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility, Starbucks, MSU Bakers, MSU Concessions, and grab and go locations.
  • Students with a Silver, Gold or Platinum plan can use their Combo-X-Change for mobile ordering as well.
  • Takeout will no longer be an option from the dining halls since there will now be ample grab and go options as well as new locations accepting Combo-X-Change available.

Faculty/Staff Dining Plans

  • Off-campus student and faculty/staff dining plans will transition to one price structure. The price will be $7.75 per meal, which is an increase for faculty/staff and retains the same price for off-campus students.
  • The faculty/staff rate has remained constant for four years and the changes we are making provide additional value for plan holders. Additionally, the new rate continues to provide a great savings of $4.25 per meal when compared to the door rate.
  • The rate change for our faculty/staff dining plan goes into effect July 1, 2021. It does not impact meals purchased prior to this date.

Public Pricing

  • Please note our public dining rate for all-you-care-to-eat locations for diners visiting during lunch and dinner will increase from $10.50 plus tax per person to $12 plus tax per person. This goes into effect July 1, 2021.
  • Residential dining halls and MSU Union Food Court will be cashless locations for the 2021-22 academic year. Retail locations will continue to accept cash as a payment option.

Location Updates

General Information

  • We intend to open most dining locations on campus. Please note dining halls on campus will open in a phased manner leading up to the start of the fall semester. As students continue to move in, additional locations will become available for dining.
  • The following locations are currently planned to remain closed:
    • Sparty’s mini-markets in the College of Law, Communication Arts & Sciences, Erickson Hall, International Center (converted to FujiSan sushi) and Wonders Hall
    • Starbucks at the Broad College of Business
    • Wilson Dining Hall

Enhanced Grab-and-Go Dining

  • Dining halls in Holden and Holmes will transition from an all-you-care-to-eat model to enhanced grab and go, offering a convenient option for campus diners.
    • Both locations will feature an array of hot and cold menu selections that are pre-packaged and ready for guests to choose.
    • These locations will not be all-you-care-to-eat. Items will be paired together as a Combo-X-Change.
    • Dining room seating in Holden and Holmes will be available for eating, studying and other activities. Guests can use the space even if they are not grabbing food.
    • Holden and Holmes will remain nut-conscious, and The Edge at Akers will be added as a nut-conscious location.
  • Enhanced grab and go will be offered in retail locations as well, including select Sparty’s mini-markets like Brody and Case, Sparty’s Market, MSU Union Food Court, and The Workshop at the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility.

The Workshop logoThe Workshop

  • The Workshop is a new operation opening in the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility that will feature breakfast, lunch and dinner selections, as well as MSU Bakers’ desserts. It will also be a Proudly Serving Starbucks location.
  • Takeout will no longer be an option from the dining halls since there will now be ample grab and go options available.
  • MSU Union Food Court will continue to serve as an all-you-care-to-eat operation.


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