Dining Halls Currently Closed to the Public

MSU Culinary Services continues to evaluate the needs of our campus community and how we may best serve Spartans with our current challenges due to COVID-19. Like other schools and universities across the country, we are experiencing severe staffing shortages. Many businesses in the local area and around the country are hiring. We are all competing for the same available talent.

Given our present circumstances, we modified operations in late September to ensure we can continue providing quality service to students, faculty and support staff. We also need to support our team members working hard to deliver an outstanding experience to guests.

Until further notice, all residential dining halls and MSU Union Food Court are closed to the public. Only those with MSU-issued IDs will be allowed entry. Our team thoughtfully took this necessary step. The top priority is to keep all dining facilities running as efficiently as possible to help us remain operational and feed students on campus. Closing our dining halls to the public was a difficult decision. However, it is our responsibility to minimize the impact of labor and food supply chain shortages and maintain our commitment to high-quality customer service.

Students with a Gold or Platinum plan can continue to use guest meals included with their plan. Those who have a faculty/staff or off-campus dining plan may also continue to use meal accesses for guests who are accompanying them into the dining halls.

If you have any questions, please contact our team at 517-884-0660 or info@eatatstate.com.

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