Students Living On to Enjoy Additional Combo-X-Change

After a comprehensive review of customer counts spanning over several years, MSU Culinary Services will transition residential dining halls and the MSU Union Food Court to a new late-night dining structure beginning fall semester 2018. In addition, students with an on-campus dining plan will also receive one additional Combo-X-Change for use during the week and the added benefit of using Combo-X-Change on Saturday and Sunday.

Students with a DineOn Silver, DineOn Gold or DineOn Platinum plan will receive one additional combo for a total of six per week. They will also have the option of using their Combo-X-Change on weekends. 

The extended use into Saturday and Sunday will allow students living on campus to redeem their Combo-X-Change at residential dining halls for takeout and at retail locations such as Sparty’s and Sparty’s Market that are open weekends. The limit will remain at no more than one Combo-X-Change redeemed per day.

Student dining plan holders frequently redeem their Combo-X-Change at Sparty’s locations, with 86% of combos redeemed at Sparty’s convenience stores in 2016-2017. Many Sparty’s are open through midnight seven days a week, including residence hall locations in Brody, Case, Holden, Holmes, Hubbard, McDonel, Snyder/Phillips and Wonders. Sparty’s Café stores in Brody, Case and Hubbard also offer hot food options.

In addition to the Combo-X-Change enhancement, changes will go into effect for late-night dining hours after customer counts have trended downward. Halls serving late night in each neighborhood (Brody Square, The Edge at Akers, The Gallery at Snyder/Phillips and Wilson Dining Hall) will continue to offer hot food service from 8-10 p.m. and transition to snacks and beverages at 10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.

Dining halls serving late night will remain open with snacks and beverages available through 11:45 p.m. This will allow students to continue using the space to gather and study.

From 8-10 p.m., guests can enjoy hot food options; pizza; made-to-order sandwiches; an extensive salad bar or salad entrée; house-baked cookies; soft serve ice cream; whole fruit; and cereal. Food items available from 10-11:45 p.m. include soft serve ice cream, cereal, house-baked cookies and whole fruit. Fountain beverages, milk selections, juice and coffee will also be on hand.

On Friday and Saturday, Brody Square, The Edge at Akers, The Gallery at Snyder/Phillips and South Pointe at Case will remain open through 9 p.m. Hours for Heritage Commons at Landon, Holden Dining Hall, Holmes Dining Hall, Wilson Dining Hall and The Vista at Shaw are unaffected.

In addition to late night in residential dining halls, MSU Union Food Court will offer late night Sunday through Thursday from 8 p.m.-midnight (as opposed to seven days per week). Due to low customer counts on Friday and Saturday evenings, the decision was made to transition away from offering late night on those days of the week. Dining plan holders frequenting the MSU Union will continue to have access to the MSU Union Sparty’s through midnight seven days a week to redeem their Combo-X-Change. 

In addition to residential dining halls and the MSU Union Food Court serving late night Sunday through Thursday, options available after 10 p.m. include:

  • Sparty’s Café at Brody, Case and Hubbard Sparty’s – Open through midnight seven days a week
  • Sparty’s at Law Building – Open through midnight Sunday through Friday
  • Sparty’s at MSU Union – Open through midnight seven days a week
  • Sparty’s Cyber Café (Main Library) – Open 24 hours Monday through Thursday beginning Sept. 10 (dictated by MSU Main Library hours)
  • Sparty’s at Holden, Holmes, McDonel, Snyder/Phillips and Wonders – Open through midnight seven days a week

Culinary Services management regularly attends all Residence Halls Association (RHA) meetings to provide the student body with information and updates about dining on campus. The organization supported and approved the above changes to Combo-X-Change and late-night dining.

All decisions were data driven and based on a comprehensive review of guest counts across several years, and changes are not related to any university-wide actions or initiatives. In addition, adjustments will not result in a decreased number of team members, or have any impact on human resources and job opportunities. Culinary Services team members will simply be reallocated to high-traffic meal periods and areas of need. 

Like any changes we make, we'll continuously evaluate impact and make any further adjustments needed. If you have any questions, please contact us at 517-884-0660 or