Blended Burger Project

Mushroom burger on a wood cutting board

From April 9 through 11, select dining locations on campus will offer blended burgers. Held during Earth Month, the initiative is designed to create and offer a more sustainable and tastier burger by blending beef with fresh mushrooms.

The Blended Burger Project™, a movement that strives to make the iconic burger even better for your customers and for the planet by blending at least 25% fresh mushrooms into your burgers, was initiated four years ago by the James Beard Foundation. Guests can learn more about the project and how it creates more sustainable menus at

April 9-11

The following locations will offer blended burgers all three days during lunch and dinner.

  • Brody Square (Brimstone venue)
  • The Gallery at Snyder-Phillips (Brimstone venue)
  • South Pointe at Case (Brimstone venue)
  • Sparty's Market at 1855 Place (grill)


April 9-11

The following locations will offer blended burgers on the date indicated. The meal period and venue are also provided.

  • Heritage Commons at Landon (April 10, Lunch, Sizzle venue)
  • The Vista at Shaw (April 10, Lunch, Street venue)
  • The Edge at Akers (April 10, Dinner, The Grille venue)
  • Holden Dining Hall (April 10, Lunch and Dinner, grab & go)
  • Holmes Dining Hall (April 9, Lunch and Dinner, grab & go)
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