Dining Plans

Whether you’re a student, faculty member, support staff or member of the community, dining on campus at MSU is convenient and affordable!

Student Dining Plans

Learn more about our on- and off-campus dining plans.

Faculty/Staff Dining Plans

Learn more about our faculty/staff dining plans

Public Dining

Members of the public are welcome to dine on campus any time! You can purchase your meal at the host stand in any residential dining hall. We accept cash, Spartan Cash, Eat at State Bucks, and debit or credit cards. Please note, however, that Wilson, Holmes and Holden dining halls are cashless operations. Going cashless provides a faster, smoother checkout experience; creates more sustainable operations; and frees up time that our team would spend on cash management, allowing them to focus on other important activities, like connecting with customers.

Public pricing is listed below.

  • Breakfast: $7.75 plus tax
  • Lunch, Dinner or Late Night: $10.50 plus tax
  • Children (ages 2-9 years): $5.75 plus tax*

*Children under two years old eat free. To ensure that all guests enjoy their dining experience, adults bringing children under 10 years of age are respectfully asked to closely supervise their young diners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my dining plan?

Present your MSU ID card at the host station at any residential dining hall, or at the register when using a Combo-X-Change. Your ID is required to use your plan, bring guests into the dining halls, and to redeem Spartan Cash. If your card is lost or stolen, you should report it immediately. See the MSU ID Office website for information on reporting.

How do I change my dining plan?

If you have an on-campus plan and you’d like to change it, contact the Housing Assignments Office at 517-884-5483 or liveon@msu.edu, or visit them on the first floor of 1855 Place, 550 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI 48823.

How do I check my dining plan and Spartan Cash balance?

To check your balance, log into the Blackboard website with your MSU NetID and password.

What is Combo-X-Change?

Combo-X-Change allows dining plan holders to use a meal access for a combo at Sparty’s, Sparty's Market, the MSU Union Food Court, QUE at Crossroads Food Court, the Eat at State ON-THE-GO Food Truck, or for takeout from the residential dining halls. On-campus dining plan holders can use no more than one Combo-X-Change per day, and six total per week, Sunday through Saturday. Off-campus dining plan holders and faculty/staff dining plans holders can use Combo-X-Change multiple times per day, seven days a week (one access is deducted for each use). So, what comes with a combo? Options vary by location, and you can typically find signage with the yellow and green Combo-X-Change logo. Read below for more details or watch our video for a visual reference!

  • Sparty’s Market – Choose one A, one B and one C item. For larger entrées, B and C are combined. Eligible items are marked A, B, C or BC near the price on the shelf. In the grill area, the hot line has signage explaining portions you receive with a combo, or you can order classics like chicken tenders, burgers and grilled cheese from the pub menu. At the deli, you can choose soup, a grinder sandwich, chopped salad or personal pizza. There are magnets on the menu boards as well that identify the corresponding letters for combo-eligible items. You can also try a healthful salad or wrap created on campus in our Corporate Kitchen located in the cooler space near the packaged fruit.
  • Sparty’s Café, Express and Refresh – Choose one A, one B and one C item. For larger entrées, B and C are combined. Eligible items are marked A, B, C or BC near the price on the shelf. There is also a sign posted at each location listing all eligible items by letter. Brody and Hubbard Cafés feature made-to-order grill items as well.
  • Eat at State ON-THE-GO Food Truck – Choose any entrée plus a beverage. Visit the Eat at State website for a schedule of locations. Please note that weather impacts operational times.
  • MSU Union Food Court – Choose from a variety of options at three distinct restaurant venues. The digital menu boards on site feature the CX logo to identify eligible items.
  • Crossroads Food Court at the International Center – Choose any savory barbecue entrée and pair it with a side or beverage. Entrée examples include a Smoked Michigan Turkey Sandwich, Grilled Jackfruit Sandwich or Mac and Cheese with option meat topping. For a side, try corn bread or coleslaw, and cool off with bottled water or Michigan-made Faygo. The menu boards on site feature the CX logo to identify eligible items.
  • Residential Dining Hall Takeout – Inform the host at the host stand that you’d like to use your Combo-X-Change for takeout. They’ll provide you with a to-go container, silverware, and a hot or cold beverage cup. Please note that if you visit more than one venue you cannot provide them with your container to fill. To ensure compliance with foodservice regulations, items will be put on a plate for you to transfer to the container. Self-serve items such as the salad bar and dessert can also be added.

What is Spartan Cash?

Spartan Cash is a declining balance account available as a free service to MSU students, faculty and staff. Cardholders may access their account by presenting their valid MSU ID at more than 100 participating locations across campus and in the local area. Visit spartancash.msu.edu for more details or call 517-355-2274. Please note that once a Spartan Cash account is opened by selecting the DineOn Platinum or DineOn Gold plan for on-campus students, the funds in the Spartan Cash account are subject to the terms and conditions for a Spartan Cash account. A refund of these funds is not made if you change your dining plan.

What options are available for group dining?

If you are interested in private dining options or if you’re holding an event or conference, please contact University Conference Services at 517-353-9300 or conferences@rhs.msu.edu. Please note that you cannot bring outside food or beverages, including cakes/desserts, into our dining locations on campus.

What options are available for university departments?

MSU departments may purchase a meal card for business purposes as outlined in the MSU Manual of Business Procedures. Cards are intended for groups of 30 or less. Meal cards are non-refundable and non-returnable. If you lose/misplace your card, a $10 per card reprint fee will apply. Click here to access the meal card order form. Please save a copy of the form to your computer prior to filling it out.

University department meal tickets are also available. Meal tickets are a convenient means for small or large groups to gain fast and easy entry into a campus dining facility. If you are hosting a small group with more than five members, you can purchase meal tickets. If you are purchasing five meals or less, there is no need to pre-order; you can pay for tickets at the door and charge to your department. Department cards are suggested for frequent visits to the dining halls. Meal tickets are non-refundable and non-returnable. Click here to access the fall/spring 2019 meal ticket order form. Tickets expire May 1, 2020. Please save a copy of the form to your computer prior to filling it out.