Faculty/Staff Dining Plans

Faculty and support staff at MSU can dine on campus and enjoy the convenience of not losing their parking space. Whether you’re grabbing lunch, having dinner with family and friends, or in need of a quick meal on the go before a late-night meeting, we have flexible and affordable options to meet your needs.

DineOn 10+ | $6.75 per meal plus tax

A minimum of 10 meals must be purchased. Meal accesses can be used at any residential dining halls on campus and as a Combo-X-Change at participating locations. Guests with faculty/staff dining plans can use multiple Combo-X-Changes per day, seven days a week. One meal access is deducted for each combo used. Meal accesses can also be used to bring friends and guests to eat with you in the dining halls.

Faculty/staff plans remain active as long as a minimum of one meal is used per academic year, between July 1 and June 30. Faculty/staff dining plans are non-transferable and non-refundable. Michigan State University reserves the right to change the terms of use for dining plans.

Purchase Options for Faculty/Staff Plan

Buy online:

Use your MSUFCU account:

  • Login to ComputerLine, select the Manage menu and choose the MSU Dining Plans option under MSUFCU Services

Visit us in person:

  • Visit the Service Desk on the main floor at 1855 Place, 550 S. Harrison Road
  • Visit one of our neighborhood residential dining business offices:
    • River Trail Neighborhood: 115 E. Shaw Hall
    • Brody Neighborhood (includes Heritage Commons at Landon): 230 Brody Hall
    • South Neighborhood: 231 N Case Hall
    • East Neighborhood: W249 Akers Hall
    • North Neighborhood (The Gallery): E153 Snyder Hall
  • Visit the ID Office in the International Center

Purchase over the phone:

  • Call the Information Services office at 517-355-2274

Purchase by mail:

  • Send a check or money order payment made out to Michigan State University to: Eat at State, RHS Information Services, 550 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI 48823