Starbucks Locations

MSU Culinary Services operates a full-service Starbucks location at 1855 Place. Our friendly baristas look forward to serving you your favorite handcrafted beverage paired with a bakery item or unique snack! Starbucks on campus accepts Combo-X-Change (CX), a dining plan benefit. Ask our team members for assistance with identifying CX-eligible items on-site; they're happy to help! You can also upgrade your beverage size for a small cost.

In fall 2023, we are moving our Starbucks Wells location to the MSU Library. We will update this information when the location opens.

We are also proud to offer delivery service for large orders of Starbucks beverages and MSU Bakers' treats. Please contact with any questions. Our online ordering form is located at

Starbucks Operating Hours

1855 Place

The Starbucks at 1855 Place features a full beverage menu, a warming program for breakfast sandwiches and pastries, and merchandise, gourmet coffee and tea for retail sale. Additionally, you'll find abundant seating, with 28 chairs, and convenient plug-in options for electronics. Guests can also connect to campus Wi-Fi, with more information online. This location accepts Combo-X-Change, cash, credit, Spartan Cash and Starbucks gift cards.

If you have questions, please contact the store manager at 517-353-1280 or email

500 S. Harrison Road
East Lansing, MI 48823

Wells Hall

The Starbucks at Wells Hall is now closed. We will be moving operations to the MSU Library in fall 2023. Please visit our Starbucks in 1855 Place. If you have questions, please contact the store manager at 517-884-6750.

619 Red Cedar Road
114 Wells Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824