Brody Square

Visit Brody on Tuesday, April 24 from 5-8 p.m. for a special event in partnership with the MSU Veg Club. Enjoy Crunchy Cauliflower Nuggets with assorted dipping sauces, Mac and Cheese, Celery Root Fettuccine with Walnut Bolognese, Grilled Flatbread, “Fish” and Chips, and Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Coulis. All items will be vegan!

The menus below are subject to change based on demand or last-minute changes. If you have menu and/or allergen questions when dining with us, please reach out to a chef and/or manager for assistance.

Lunch Menu

Monday, April 16th

Boiling Point

House-made noodles tossed with your choice of protein, vegetables, cheese and sauce.


Grilled sandwiches including burgers, chicken, hot dogs and many other classics and specialty sandwiches plus golden French fries. Kosher meals are served at dinner Sunday through Thursday adjacent to Brimstone.


Southwestern fare prepared to your liking such as made-to-order burritos on homemade tortillas and nacho toppings over warm, fresh-made chips.


Warm, classic pizza slices and unique pies made with gourmet toppings.


Assortment of desserts made on campus by MSU Bakers, fruit smoothies, shakes, soft serve ice cream, MSU Dairy Store hard-packed ice cream and Michigan-made Hudsonville premium ice cream.


Comfort foods that’ll make you warm up to college and feel right at home. Features contemporary entrées, carved meats and fresh rotisserie chicken.


Warm breakfast selections to kick off your day; authentic international cuisine emphasizing global trends from Asia, the Middle East and South America in the afternoon and evening.


Hand-rolled sushi and a variety of crisp greens with an assortment of accompaniments to help build your perfect salad.


Veg Out

Grilled-to-order sandwiches, a hummus bar, a delicious variety of fresh fruit and other menu items dedicated to those with vegetarian and vegan preferences.