Holden Dining Hall

The menus below are subject to change based on demand or last-minute changes. If you have menu and/or allergen questions when dining with us, please reach out to a chef and/or manager for assistance.

Lunch Menu

Thursday, December 6th



Comfort foods that’ll make you warm up to college and feel right at home. Features contemporary entrées, carved meats and fresh rotisserie chicken.

Homestyle Meatless


Warm breakfast selections to kick off your day; authentic international cuisine emphasizing global trends from Asia, the Middle East and South America in the afternoon and evening.


Enticing Latin-inspired entrées, including made-to-order Tex-Mex classics, and traditional Central and South American favorites.


The Berg

Specialty entrée salads with an array of textures and flavors prepared just for you as well as a self-serve station offering a mixture of greens, toppings and dressings.