Holmes Dining Hall

Holmes Dining Hall is a Grab & Go location where students can use their Combo-X-Change. Select an A item (beverage), B item (entrée) and C item (side/snack) to create your combo meal! A la carte pricing is also available for grab-and-go items. In addition, mobile ordering will be offered for this location beginning on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

Hours starting Aug. 29

-7 a.m.-8 p.m.


*IMPORTANT: When we transition between meal periods (for example, from breakfast to lunch) limited menu options may be offered for a short time. Please be patient with our team as we approach the end of a meal period and transition to the next timeframe. It takes time to rotate menu items and move into the meal period that follows. In addition, we continue to face supply chain challenges that make it difficult to source ingredients. This can have an effect on the amount and variety of options served and may cause our team to run out of an item before the meal period ends. Thank you for your understanding.

The menus below are subject to change based on demand or last-minute changes. If you have menu and/or allergen questions when dining with us, please reach out to a chef and/or manager for assistance.

Breakfast Menu

Thursday, November 24th

Grab & Go