Retail Services Executive Chef Kari Magee Earns ACF Gold Medal

Retail services executive chef Kari Magee recently competed in an American Culinary Federation (ACF) event at Dorsey Schools Culinary Academy in Roseville.

Competition dishPrior to the competition, ACF granted Kari permission to create a plant-based dish. She was given one hour to make and plate four servings. “In the past, I have only competed with a specific set of ingredients and it has always included an animal protein,” Kari shared. “With meat as the center of the plate, I struggled with wanting to compete because I’m fully vegan.”

At the Dorsey Schools event March 5, Kari was awarded a gold medal for her fully vegan dish, which includes a lion’s mane and maitake mushroom steak with a red wine reduction, whipped potatoes, broccolini, rainbow carrots and chive oil. Participants were critiqued on a variety of factors, and Kari received gold for taste, texture, plating and organization.

“This was such an honor because I felt recognized for showcasing my true self and the food I believe in,” she expressed. “I’m proud of all of my past competitions, for different reasons, but this one was truly me and I will always hold this medal as the most special.”